I have a SECOND job!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hi there! 

Yikes! It's been almost THREE weeks since I have done anything on my blog and I am so, so sorry about that! I have definitely been busy with my hostess job these past few weeks! However, I am so excited to tell you another great news that I just recently received and that is I have a new job AGAIN! Yay! Please celebrate with me! Cheers! Yes, I still have my hostess job at Amalfi's Italian Restaurant and I can say that is my morning job if that makes any sense. Haha! My new job is being a poultry trimmer at a widely known food processing plant called Tyson. Tyson is a plant that processes mostly of poultry. So Tyson is my night job because I work at 5 in the afternoon to 2 in the early morning. Yes. It's going to be long weeks ahead of me but hey, I'm not complaining at all. I am very blessed to even have a family who believes in me when they tell me I will get the two jobs I have right now. Speaking of these jobs, I have thought about my blog these days. I decided that I will only have sponsors for the month of April and that will be the end of sponsorships for my blog because I am sure that after April, things will get busy and hectic. I would not find time to help my sponsors out as much as I would love to. I think I will be fine with that though because I know I can now thoroughly support my blog on my own! Ah. Now, I am starting to loving the independence of being a blogger! How nice! Haha. Now to the actual content of my blog, I have NEW reviews and fun posts on many products that I have received the past few weeks from many companies! I will start posting this week so be on the lookout! Here are a few hints: Fit Snack, Frangipani Body Products, Pura D'or, A&M Treasure Box and more!

There ya go. Now you know a bit of what's happening in my life so far. If you like to know how my interview went with Tyson, it was a really long (4 hours) interview, then let me know in the comments! I am more than happy to tell you all how it went down. Haha! So yes, thank you so much for reading. I hope to see y'all next time. Until then, bye!!

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MSA 30X Sound Amplifier Review

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MSA 30X Sound Amplifier

Price: $29.95
Available in stores!

Hello there! Good evening. I'm back with another review on a new, different "hearing aid". So let's get started! My brother-in-law and my sister surprised me by getting me this single sound amplifier on one night. I was so excited because I haven't really liked the previous one that I reviewed HERE because the volume wasn't as loud as I wanted to be. So I immediately opened it. There were a lot of items in one package. I was impressed!
What I received in the box were:
  • 1 MSA 30X device
  • 6 silicone ear buds
  • 1 charging cradle
  • 1 adapter
  • 1 cleaning brush
Then my brother-in-law informed me that I didn't need any batteries for this sound amplifier. Instead all I need to do is to recharge the amplifier with a charging adapter. I was even more happy because batteries were a bit expensive if amplifier drains the batteries too quick that it didn't last long! I went on ahead to see which the ear buds were right size for my ear. I realized the ear buds were the same as the Walker's game hearing aid because all doesn't really fit into my ear as I wanted to. The small bud were perfect yet it doesn't really protect my ear from the plastic part on the hearing aid which it really hurts! Ouch! Of course, the large bud were too big and won't fit into my ear. The medium were a little tight but it fitted anyway. I waited about 15 minutes to let the amplifier to be charged and I was done being patient. Haha! So I went straight on ahead to put it into my right ear. Man... You guys. Seriously, it was soooo relieving to be able to hear again!! I can tell you that I really like this better than the Walker's game ear amplifier. The volume isn't too bad yet I can hear small, simple sounds like my nephew's toys playing, the water running in the sink, or even my own cat's meows. Nice, really nice!
What I also love about this sound amplifier are the basic components on it. Not too fancy. Just a simple buttons of volume and an on/off. The numbers, 1 to 4, is the lowest to highest volume and I love it because it's easy to find it with my finger. However, the only con about this product is the wire that connect the ear bud to the actual sound amplifier. I have really small ears and man, the wire is too long to fit along my ear. I have to use bobby pins and an elastic tie to hold my amplifier to my ear. What annoyance is that! Ugh... If only I had normal size ears, I would have been good but no, the years of wearing large hearing aids as a child have taken a toll on my ears. So yes. I am sure this would be a good amplifier to have if you are like me which is moderate to severe hearing. 

  • Easy to set up.
  • Simple Controls
  • Good power output
  • Good sound quality

  • The wire is too long to fit on my ears.
  • Watching on TVs, laptops, or computers.
  • Talking in small or large rooms, (restaurants, homes, etc.)
  • Even can use in movie theaters!! 
Finally, this amplifier is a month old at least and the bobby pins I used to hold this onto my ear have started to damage the wire. So I'm afraid to say I have to invest into a new hearing aid for myself. Not a sound amplifier but an actual hearing aid! Whoo! Sucks that it's very expensive to get ONE even with health insurance, the price doesn't budge! Although, I am happy to get a better equipment than previous sound amplifier to be able to hear. Well, there you go. That is my review on MSA 30X sound amplifier. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you next time. Until then, bye!!!
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My New Favorite: Conqueror feat. Estelle & Jussie Smollett

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hi there. Welcome back to my blog! I know I haven't posted up on here for the past three days but oh my god. I was so tired. Apparently, the staff enjoyed my hard work so they had me on double shifts the past three days. It's crazy. Yet, I love every moment. It keeps me busier than my soon-to-be-three nephew, Benji. Haha! Anyway, I just wanted to share you all a new find which became into a new favorite! Have you all seen a new TV show on FOX channel? The show called Empire? Well, if you haven't, I highly recommend to those who enjoy music and love to hear new songs online to start watching it. It's superb!! So moving on to the actual find. I was watching an episode that I had missed on Hulu.com and two characters , Estelle and Jussie, was singing together as a duo on a song that I seriously fell in love with it!! The moment they finished singing, I was like, "Oh my god. I need to find that song! It's too good not to have it on my music playlist! I need it!" Seriously, here is a clip down below of the scene where the duo sang together on a song called "Conqueror". Enjoy!
It's awesome right! Now, down below is the full song with the duo! Don't forget to add this to your favorites! You're welcome! Haha. 
I can already tell I won't ever get tired of this song. I know in ahead of time, I might be feeling down or feel some type of way that I don't deserve anything, I'll be listening to this song to cheer me up. It's inspiring to hear those words, "I'm a conqueror. I won't accept defeat." So this song I dedicate to new and old bloggers who feel they can't reach where they want to be. The new bloggers who struggle to keep their blog fresh and entertaining. The bloggers who want to have the best image for themselves using their blogs. And of course, for those who want their name out in the blogosphere. I hope you all have a great evening! I'll see you next time. Bye!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello good evening! I have an exciting news to share with you all! I have a new job!! The feeling of having a job is so surreal right now! Although, it's nothing fancy. I am just a hostess at Amalfi's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. Allow me to tell you how it went today. 

Well, I woke up around 8 this morning to hear my sister calling my name and I turned to face her. She told me that my eldest sister wanted me to go to the pizzeria to work. Of course, I was shocked and worried because hello.. I'm Deaf. That restaurant is very popular and I have seen how busy it can be. So I thought this over whether to go or not and I realized I didn't have any black clothing! I told my sister and she rationalized that I can borrow her black shirts and pant. Figured, "Why not? It's only going to be a day!" and I got up to get ready. As I was doing my makeup after a quick clean up, I wasn't sure whether to use an all natural look or a simple yet pretty look. I chose to go with simple yet pretty look because I wanted to look normal. Haha.. Throughout the process, I had my new hearing aid charging which was a gift from my brother-in-law and my eldest sister. I silently prayed to God to help on this day because I was so worried about me having a hard time to hear customers. My biggest peeve being myself is have to ask people repeatedly of what they say. That is bleh. Hate it! I hurried up to get into my work clothes and fixed my hair. Then put on my hearing aid and to this moment, I thought, "Man, I think I should get a hair clip to clip the hearing aid to my hair because the hearing aid is a little bigger than my ear so it tends to fall often." I didn't unfortunately, I didn't have time to go shopping for hair clips. I went on to go work a little unprepared and worried. In the car to work, I prayed to Him that for my first day to be good and fun. Once we got there, my sister and little nephew, Benji waved good-bye to me. I must admit, I just wanted to jump back in that car and go back home because I was so nervous! I stopped and took a breath and said, "just suck it up and get in there." Haha! Yes, I do get hard on myself sometimes. I went to the main door, knocked repeatedly and nothing. No one came to the door and my phone had a missed call from my eldest sister so I called her back. It was just a discussion to go help dad to jump charge his car. At that moment, a woman named Tasha came to the door and asked me if I was here for an early order. I smiled and replied no. I informed her of why I was there and she let me in. Man, you guys. The smell of italian food was so appetizing!! It kept me full even though I didn't eat breakfast this morning. Haha! Anyway, we came inside the kitchen of where everything was getting prepped for the day and my sister saw me. She got excited and said, "Are you ready?!" I replied I guess. LOL.  I was more nervous than excited. Don't get me wrong. I'm truly happy that I have this job more like blessed! So, yes I met the bosses who were a married couple and the boss lady, Layla was reading me up and down like seriously, it was clearly obvious. Haha! She went and tagged me along to teach me about the order of the tables from A to B then C to D. I had it set down in my head. I got this, I told myself. Eleven o'clock came instantly and customers were streaming in and out like flocks of geese. Haha! Every single time, I get to a table to seat the customers, I always forget the alphabet with it's numbers. Tasha and my sister were the only waitresses there so it was hectic to figured out of which tables belonging to who's. However, my sister and my boss lady didn't mind since today was my first day. I am glad that they did because I felt so bad for messing up the tables with the waitresses. Tasha wasn't really happy with me though. It was obvious, she kept complaining that my sister keep getting more tables. I didn't mean to though. What messed me up was this guy had a table, he was waiting for his two buddies, and he saw his friends with their friends so then they all sat together on a whole different table in a different section. Being a hostess was kind of hard for me. It was fun still! Oh yeah! As I was in and out of kitchen, clearing the tables, and seating the customers, my hearing aid kept falling off! I never felt so embarrassed because I had to re-put my hearing aid on my ear to be able to hear customers to say how many people in their parties. Once, my sister even motioned me to put it back on my ear. Ugh. How come I am not invisible yet!? Haha. Finally, the down time arrived. The place was busy yet steady. The boss lady came over to me and see how I was doing. She must have saw that I was doing really well because at that moment, she handed me an application to work at her restaurant. To be honest, I told her, "I thought this was one day work like I was an extra help?!" and she looked confused. Man, you all should have seen her face, it was if I hurt her feelings by saying that. She said to me, "Your sister says you want to have a job. You don't want to work here?" Of course I said yes to her without a second thought. I might be Deaf and I might have made ton of mistakes on my first day but this boss lady wants me so yes, I have a new job as a hostess at Amalfi's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. Don't let your insecurities or disabilities get to you! You all are capable of doing what you want to do. For me, having this job might help my blog in a HUGE way. I know many see this job as a second bad job to have in a restaurant, waitress as first because of low pay but you don't get it. I don't really care about money, I'm all about experience. Don't matter if it's good or bad, it's something that I can feel and tell with my own words. Haha.
Thank you so much for reading my day today at my new job. I hope you find this inspirational! Please celebrate with me on this new experience. Cheers!! Thank ya and until next time, goodbye!!
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