Spring Fashion Haul 2015!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hi, good evening! Welcome back here on my blog. So Spring is only 20 days away and I am so, so happy it's coming because that means Winter season will soon be over! Ugh! I cannot wait to get over the crunching snow, the bitter wind, and the coldness already. I sure hope this Spring will be filled with warmth and a lot of sunny days. Also, my birthday is in April so of course, I am excited for that reason too. Haha! What I really love about Spring are everything that are pastel-colored and with floral designs! Oh my god. I think they are the most prettiest things I ever see when I come in stores to browse, or see online of a person's OOTD or home decor. Speaking of Spring, I have a new haul and it's fashion items! I have nine items that I would like to show you. Obivously, as you can see in the picture above, most are in a pastel color or a floral design. What can I say? I'm in love with Spring! Haha! Will you be too?

H&M Black Loafers

Price: $14.95
First, this pair of black loafers are a great to have in your shoe collection for Spring because it's easy to slip on and go. Also, your feet can breathe after a long season of wearing closed toe shoe wear for hours. That means you can get yourself pedicure too. Have a girl day with your sisters/girlfriends? Why not? Haha!

Not only it's great to have it, but look at the length of these heels. You can have a combination of having comfortable yet sleek loafers on your feet without have to go extreme from day to night outfits! 

Mix&Co. White Lace Cami Tank

Price: $5.00
Of course, lace are essential for Spring wardrobe! This is available at Family Dollar. Hey. Don't judge me or Family Dollar. They have pretty good clothing items. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what brand or how much it costs of your outfit. If you can rock it and own it, then you got it all. So I'm excited to wear this on warmer days!

Here is a closer view of the lace. It's very pretty!

Just Be.. White Cami Tank

Price: $5.00
Another cami tank but a very needed basic item in my wardrobe. Haha! Of course, even a simple cami top is all you need to lounge in your room on a warm day in Spring. Ah.. I can't wait for that day. This is from Family Dollar as well.

A closer view of the seam on the cami top. Not too fancy or boring and I love it!

So Ringer Solid Tee

Price: $9.99
This tee is so pretty. Very basic yet great for Spring! The color is in Jacaranda. It's a purple with grey undertone along with grey hems. I know I'll be wearing this often. Haha! This is available at Kohl's! 

Yikes. This tee is sheer, which is fine with me because I could always pair it with the white cami tank and that'll be safe enough for me.

Just Be.. Fuchsia V-Neck Tee w/ Pocket

Price: $5.00
Is it me or this color screams Spring? The color is so pretty and I am not one of those ladies who loveee Pink in general. Yet this color is the popular choice in my closet.. Haha! Does that ever happen to you before? When something you are not a huge fan of yet it is somewhere in your possessions? Haha. Anyway, I love this tee. It'll look great with my blue button down shirt. Maybe I should show it to you in future with an OOTD. Perhaps on Instagram. OOTDs are popular on there. However, I might be too shy! Haha!

Floral White/Charcoal Raglan

Price: $8.00
Man, I absolutely love the design on the 24 logo. It's so girly yet it's on a tomboy raglan. This raglan is definitely me! I love being a lady but sometimes I am always a tomboy inside. Haha! Do you love this raglan? It's pretty, right?! Oh, it's from Family Dollar, too!

A closer view of the design on 24 logo. So pretty! Ahhh.. I'm in love!

I don't know what this piece called or how much it cost however I do know it's from Family Dollar as well! Yess. I'm telling you. Family Dollar is not too bad with their clothing items! Don't let the low prices fool ya! So yes, I really like the flowing hem and it's so laidback look yet very feminine. Very pretty, I love it!

A closer view of the floral design. A burst of colors on a pretty turquoise background.

There is also lace along the shoulder areas. Very flowy and airy!

Floral Crochet Trim Kimono Cardigan

Price: $17.99
This cardigan is my top favorite of all items in the haul! There are roses, lace, and a few pastel colors. A mix of everything! It just sucks so bad of being 5 feet tall! The cardigan stops halfway to my calves and people, I'm telling you. It looks like I'm a short woman with a long sheer robe! Haha! If I had a rolled up newspaper in my hand and curl rollers in my hair, you would definitely see me as a crazy cat woman! Haha! Seriously though. I'm so short, it's embarrassing sometimes! Oh well. I love it anyway! 

A closer view of the floral design. I see roses everywhere!

An upclose view of the lace trim on the bottom hem of the cardigan. Pretty!

I'm so sorry. I can't find this bag on DailyLook.com and I think it must have been out of stock. It probably no longer sells it! I received this bag as a gift from my sister and she have a purse for herself as well. Haha! Well, I really like this bag. It's not too big or too small. Just right size for my body length. I also love the color. It goes great with the items above for Spring.

Here you can see the stitched design on the front. Very pretty tan color with black seams around the bag.

Here are the studs that can be seen on the sides of the bag. The studs are only on the sides. It definitely give a feeling of non-girly look and I love it!

On the back, there is a small zipper to a small pocket. It's small enough to carry a cellphone. I use that space to hold my favorite chapstick. It's easy to find and convenient to zip open and close. The length of the strap is fairly small but not too tight for my arm not to be able to go through. This bag is a hand purse and does not come with a shoulder strap which is good with me!

Here is a view of inside of my bag. There are just random things inside such as my pens, my daily planner, samples, and more. I'm actually wondering to do a "What's in my bag" post on my blog or on my YouTube channel however it really depends if you like to see it. Haha! Let me know in the comments if you do!

Whoo! That is it for my Spring Fashion haul! I hope you enjoy seeing these pretty items. A few titles of these items are linked to actual product itself so you can click it to check it out for yourself. Well, thank you so much for stopping by and read my today's post. Hm.. I guess that is it and I will see you all next time! Bye!

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Two Ad Packages Giveaway!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Disclaimer: This giveaway is no way being sponsored or nor am I being paid by any company or blogger to do this giveaway.

Good evening! I have an exciting news for bloggers and owners of any shops or businesses! I have updated my advertising list with a whole new packages for you all to pick and choose. There are total of seven and many what I think are what bloggers and owners would love to have on my blog. So let's get to the fun part! I am giving away two top advertising packages which are The Platinum ad and The Golden One ad. To check what each ad have in their package, click HERE to see! Both are great to start a new exposure to grab new audience to your blog or shop. I would love to start this new project with two new clients so it'll be a great jump start for all three of us. Yes! I'm so excited!

I hope you come and join in this giveaway. I will give all of my best of ability to give you best experience with my blog and it's connections. This giveaway starts now and will end on March 27th at 12 am! So everyone have plenty of time to enter. There are only eight entries to enter. So easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to enter! Well, I hope to see you tomorrow! Until then, bye!!
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Love with Food February Box Review!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disclaimer: This box was purchased out of my pocket! Also, this post contain affiliate links! Thank you for your support.
Good evening y'all! Yes, you read the title right! Another food related post! Yesss. Can I get amen for receiving box of food is the best thing ever!! Haha! This time, I decided to go ahead and get myself to try Love with Food after seeing so many, many videos AND posts on this subscription box. Let's get on this review, shall we?

So basically, Love with Food is a monthly food subscription ranging from $10 to $24.50 and for every box everyone purchases, one meal is donated to a hungry child. Pretty much, you'll be full of these yummy snacks and your soul will be filled with happiness knowingly you're not only feeding yourself but for children as well. Awesome, right? Haha! 

Well, every month, Love with Food will come up with a theme and add snacks to add the fun of this theme. This month's, February, theme is Mardi Gras. I have never celebrated Mardi Gras before but after seeing so many fun events and items with this holiday, I decided I would try with a food subscription box. What's better than food for this holiday!? Haha! 

Alright, I received 11 samples in this February box and I have to say this. It was a great box, well it was for me! Haha! I loved everything except a few. To get started on the review, watch my video of unboxing Love with Food box with me! Enjoy!

Let's get to these yummy snacks!

Lemon Wafer Bites by Dolcetto
Price: $19.99 for 24 bags

Man! I love these lemon wafer bites! They were sooo good!! If you tried lemon cakes and love it, well you're going to love this bag of lemon wafer bites because they were the BOMB!! So good! Too bad, they ran out online on Love with Food's website! Why? I don't know but at least that will show you I'm telling you the truth. Haha! 

Traditional Hot Chocolate by MONBANA
Price: $27.99 for 40 bags

I have not really tried this sample but instead, my little 2 years old nephew drank this sample with hot milk while my sister and I drank coffee. He thought he was drinking coffee with us. Haha! Anyway, I can say the powder's texture was thick and wet as if the chocolate was chopped very fine and put inside a sealed package. The smell was very strong yet it smelled really good. Apparently, it was so good for my nephew, that he went hyper all morning in a happy mood. Haha! 

Olive Oil Totally Natural Kettle Chips by Boulder Canyon
Price: $10.99 for 13 bags

I love kettle chips because they are so crunchy and delicious so I am happy that they included this type of chips in this box. Well, I love olive oil better than vegetable oil. Although, I couldn't taste the flavor on these chips but it was still tasty. Haha. 

Baked Mac n' Cheese Puffs by Snikiddy
Price: $16.99 for 18 bags

I'm not fond of this bag of chips. However, my nephew did. He loves Mac n' Cheese and I guess he loves it no matter what Mac n' Cheese is made into. Haha. So yeah. This bag of puffs were very dry and crackly. It smelled like artificial cheese even though it said it was made with real cheese. Sorry not sorry. It was just not my favorite. Bleh. Next, please. Haha!

Milk Chocolate Mini Pieces by Divine Chocolate
Price: $9.99 for 100 pieces

Yummy. It's chocolate! These chocolate pieces were good. I know my sister would agreed with me as she tried one herself. The chocolate pieces were similar to Hershey's kisses by the taste and texture, however the packaging was different. It was in a square shape with criss cross design on top. I don't really care what shape or form chocolates are in, they're delicious! Haha! 

Original Creole Seasoning by Tony Chachere's
Price: $11.99 for 300 bags

I have not try these samples yet but I'm planning to soon in soups! So watch out for a picture on Twitter tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Toffee Crunch TruffleCremes
Price: $12.99 for 30 pieces

Yum! These truffle cremes were delicious! So creamy and chocolatey. Oh my gosh. They were similar to Crunch chocolate bars but without rice pops. Nevertheless, they were good! My nephew loved it as well, haha! He even pleaded to get more but I said that was it in the box. He was bummed and so was I. Haha!

Protein+ Almond Honey Bar by Rise Bar
Price: $24.99 for 24 bars

Last but not least, the Rise Bar in Almond Honey! Yee... I'm not really a fan of this sample. It was okay. I think it would taste a whole lot better in a liquid form such as a smoothie. Haha. I shared this sample with my sister and nephew. They didn't like it either. What I really like about this sample, it's only made three ingredients! Wow! Nice but eh, I would try other flavors. 

Whoo! That is it for my review on Love with Food February box! I enjoyed most of these samples in the box. They were delicious! I hope you all love my review and find it helpful. If you want to try Love with Food subscription box, then go ahead click here to try a box for FREE. All you need to do is to pay $2 handling and shipping fee. That's all you have to do! You'll love it, learn it from my experience! Well, thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you next time! Until then, bye!!

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Fit Snack Box Review!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for a review, however my opinions are 100% my own! This post contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support!

Hi there! I have a new, exciting box to share with you. Oh yesss. Haha! This box is a subscription box of FOOD! Yummy! It is Fit Snack box! Seriously, I feel like it was Christmas all over again when this box arrived at my doorstep. It was filled with goodies!!! Let's get started, shall we? Let's go!

First, check out this video of unboxing Fit Snack box with me! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more! Enjoy watching!

Fit Snack

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box. It's aim to those who have active lifestyle or if you are like me, to help control of what we eat to maintain weight! Well, each box contains 7-10 full and deluxe samples. I can tell you this, most of these snacks are really good!

Fit Snack is a little neat with their system. By what I mean, their "system" called The Fit Snack Perfect 10 which are:
  • High Protein
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Low Sugar
  • GMO Free
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • Clean Eating
  • Raw
They use this system to find snacks that fit into these criterias. Fit Snack are constantly helping us to give really good snacks that keep us satisfied and happy regardless of what our diet plans are. Wait, there's more to Fit Snack! They also have a Fit Quarterly, where they provide a Fit Snack workout, recipe, and inspirational publication. It's pretty neat. These workout cards are easy to keep up with and are convenient to be taped on a wall! I actually did it on my wall! Oh heck yeah! Haha! 

So there are four plans you can choose.
  • 1 month - $24
  • 3 months - $69
  • 6 months - $132
  • 12 months (1 year) - $240
All plans, you'll get a FREE gym bag courtesy of Fit Snack which is shown down below and the shipping/handling is included in the price. For 6 months and 12 months, their plans are a bit more special. If you decide to get a 6 months plan, you will get not only a free gym bag but also a surprise bonus item that is not available in 1 or 3 month(s) plans. Neat, huh? Whereas in 12 months plan, you get 3 surprise bonus items instead of one. Oh yeah! 

Moving on to actual review on these yummy snacks, starting with how the box look like once you open it! 

Once you open the box, you see the logo and many slogans! 

How it looks before you open the treasure chest!

Oh my lord! The treasure chest is revealed!

Now onto the yummy snacks! Yum!

Fit Snack Almond & Pumpkin Seed Mix and Veggie Chips

These snacks are good! I finished these two within a week! Haha! I shared the veggie chips with my nieces, my nephew, and my sister. They aren't fond of the chips. I did, of course with a sandwich. It was a pretty good combo, obviously. Haha! The chips were mix of green beans, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes. I loved it. It was different and tasty. It's definitely not your regular potato chips but who cares? It's more healthy! As for Almond & Pumpkin Seed mix, it was pretty good. It wasn't salty or sweet. It was pretty bland. Yet once you chew it thoroughly, it's satisfying to keep your hunger at bay.

Simply 7 Quinoa Chips and Lentil Chips with Sea Salt

Okay, I love chips that are seasoned with sea salt. It's way more delicious on my taste buds for sure than the regular ol' table salt. So these two chips were yummy. Of course, the quinoa chips were a bit more bland than lentil chips. Overall, they went straight into my stomach with a pleasure. Haha!

The Protein Bakery Walnut Brownie and Peanut Butter Cookies

I loveee snacks that are sweet! These two snacks were the bomb. My sister loved the peanut butter cookies since I shared one with her knowing she loves peanut butter.  Haha! The Protein Bakery know what they are doing for sure because I'm already craving their delicious snacks. The walnut brownie was alright. I just wish I had ice cream and whip cream to go with the brownie for a late night snack. It would have been out of the field delicious. Haha!

Oven Baked Organics Gluten Free Pancake Mix

I have not yet cook pancakes with this mix but I need to since snow is keeping us in tonight and tomorrow morning. So I think that is a great opportunity to try this mix with my family! I'll let ya know on Twitter! Be sure to follow me there, thanks!

Kay's Naturals Protein Cookie Bites in Mocha Espresso

Hmm.. I didn't like these cookie bites, neither did my nieces. I bet my other sister would love these since she loves Mocha flavor. They were very strong on the taste and smell like burnt coffee on a stovetop. Too much? Haha! Sorry. Well, I would pass on this snack! I would try another flavor though. Don't give up hope, Kay's Naturals! 

NOGii Whey & Quinoa Protein in Vanilla Bean & Cocoa Chocolate

I have not yet try these samples of NOGii because I couldn't find a right timing to drink the samples in a water bottle but I'm actually going to save these for the Color Run in Winston-Salem! Soon, I'll let you know with that once I experienced with the whole event! Stay tuned!

Somersaults in Cinnamon Crunch

Alright, my nieces and nephew loved this snack. Too bad there were only 6 bites in a single bag! Haha! They were fighting over a last bite and I didn't know who won but let's keep it that way. Haha! These bites were sweet and crunchy. I loved how small these bites were too. Easy for my little nephew to chew and swallow without choking. I have a coupon for this snack and I'm definitely going to use it for my nephew. He'll love it for sure!

Goco Pod

I use this sample for my cuticles and my hair. It definitely did the trick to help hydrate my fingers and split ends. Also, it's long lasting! Oh yes. I still have a bit over half of this sample for a month already! I love it! I have not yet try this for cooking but I think I would use this for the gluten free pancakes. Just thinking of that right now is making me hungry. Haha! 

Finally, that is it for my review on Fit Snack box. I think this is a great subscription box to have because I received 11 samples in one box! Pretty amazing, huh? I hope you all enjoy it. I know my family and I did. Haha! Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you next time! Bye!!

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